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The Sun Met Salutes African Luxury

Africa’s richest resources – gold, platinum and silver – are the inspiration behind the Sun Met 2019 theme: African Luxury: Precious Metals.

‘We’re looking forward to everyone coming out in bold and daring attire for this celebration of our beautiful continent and to stand a chance of being crowned the best-dressed on a day when elite horse racing meets high-end fashion.’ says Rob Collins, Chief Strategy and Operations Officer at Sun International.

Need inspiration on how to interpret the Sun Met 2019 theme? Creative director Warrick Gautier and fashion designers Mzukisi Mbane (Imprint ZA) and Biji La Maison share their top tips on how to rock race day in Sun Met Precious 

Warrick Gautier

‘The Sun Met is the most exciting horseracing day – full of optimism and totally enjoyable. Kenilworth Racecourse will ignite with magnificent horses, fashion and fun. Think dresses cut and draped in liquid metallics and high octane metallic tailored suits that will glisten in the African sun.’ Warrick Gautier

What will you be looking for when judging the Best Dressed competition?
I will be looking for race-day ‘couture elegance’ with lots of ‘high octane glamour’.

What is your interpretation of African Luxury: Precious Metals?
A palette of glamorous neutrals that sizzle in the African sun. Attention to luxury, couture details mixed with elegantly cut and draped fabrics made in the most refined way. 

Mzukisi Mbane for ImprintZA

‘For me, the Sun Met is a beautiful day for Cape Town horse racing. It’s red carpet fashion at its max. A day where you can look to your left to see Somizi and on your right there’s Miss South Africa… all celebrating fashion, great entertainment and world-class horse racing.’Mzukisi Mbane

What makes a standout outfit?
First, what sets you apart is how you interpret the theme. You shouldn’t be too predictable. Then there’s the execution: remember, it’s a daytime horseracing event so study the theme and get your creative juices flowing.

What is your interpretation of African Luxury: Precious Metals?
Precious metals are Africa's gift to the rest of the world and there are plenty of ways to play with the theme. Celebrating African identity, looking at the life one lives when they possess these precious metals or simply recreating ancient Africa before money was power and wealth was measured by these luxury materials. I look forward to seeing smart outfits inspired by a deeper meaning.

What are your fashion predictions for Sun Met 2019?
I see a lot of people in metallic fabrics, something that resembles silver and gold (a lot of 1970s-inspired fashion when these were such was a hit). But what I love is how young design students are starting to attend more of these high-end events and making an effort to bring a fresh take in terms of the fashion.

Top fashion tip?
It’s a horseracing event, there’s heat and a lot of walking on grass so choose the right shoe.
A pencil-heel shoe is a no-no for the Sun Met. Go for a block heel or wedge; unless you’re going to be in one marquee for the entire day.

Biji La Maison

‘The totally glamorous vibe of the Sun Met is just unmatched by any other horseracing event in the country. There is a constant buzz of excitement in the air and the opportunity to see the who's who dressed to the nines. Attending this event is a must in any die-hard fashionista’s diary. It's like daytime dress-up for adults.’Biji La Maison

What does it take to considered for the Best Dressed competition?
Simply attending the event wearing a gorgeous outfit is not enough. Special attention must be given to your interpretation of the theme and your garment must be made well.

What is your interpretation of African Luxury: Precious Metals?
Super glamorous, over-the-top designs will be the order of the day – anything luxuriously metallic and shiny.

What should those attending avoid?
With this theme, it’s so easy for people to slip into the groove of wearing too much cheap-looking gold lamé. Outfits that reveal too much skin or are overworked with too many elements will not win any prizes. Try to concentrate on one dramatic element and create it beautifully. 

The Sun Met Celebrated with Mumm takes place on the 26th of January 2019 at Kenilworth Racecourse. Sun International is proud to be hosting the 157th edition of Africa’s Richest Race Day.

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